Who are Responsible Consumers?

Responsible consumers are individuals who take responsibility for the social, environmental, and health effects of the products and services they buy. Responsible consumers inform themselves about those effects, and incorporate the information they find into their purchasing decisions.  In his presentation on responsible consumption (see link below), Dr. David Perry, Director of Davidson College’s Vann Center for Ethics, outlines the ethical reasons why it is important for us to be responsible consumers.

There are, however, many obstacles to responsible consumption.  Dr. Bullock, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies, examines those obstacles and discusses a variety of ways to overcome them — see his powerpoint presentation and link to his talk below).  Join the Responsible Consumers Club to move from an attitude of “plausible deniability” and making “the perfect the enemy of the good” to an ethic of “command responsibility,” realistic optimism, and strategic engagement. Consuming responsibly can be empowering, fun, and highly meaningful as you use your purchasing power to send a message to the marketplace about the issues that are important to you!

To learn more about the Becoming a Responsible Consumer event and hear both Dr. Bullock and Dr. Perry’s presentations on responsible consumption, click the link below…

“Becoming  a Responsible Consumer.”  Common Hour Forum Event at Davidson College.

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