Our Six-Step Process

In order to make your responsible consumption efforts as straightforward and easy as possible, we’ve developed a six-step process to help you on your way.  These steps are outlined below for your convenience:

The Process

1. List the product categories that you are interested in learning more about.  What products have you ever wondered about how green or socially responsible they are?

2. Identify the 12 categories on your list that are your highest priorities for research.  Which of these categories are related to issues that are urgent and important to you?

3. Schedule those categories for the 12 different months of the year, and figure out when during those months you are going to set aside time to your research.  When is a good time for you to do your investigations?  Every Tuesday night?  Sunday afternoon?  Find a time and try to stick to it.

4. Research your products.  Use the Resources identified here and others you come across to learn more about the issues related to the products you are focused on.  Which of these issues are most relevant and important to you?

5. Decide how you are going to “consume responsibly” in your category of choice.  What products perform best and worst on the topics you are most concerned about, and what are you going to do with that knowledge?

6. Share your decision with your fellow members of the Responsible Consumers Club.  Present your findings at a meeting, write a blog post on the Responsible Consumers Club website, share your decision on Facebook, and tell your friends and family in person — let them benefit from the research you have done, or inspire them to look into the issues themselves…

To help you follow this process, we’ve created a document called Responsible Consumption Personal Action Plan.  It has sections to record your lists, priorities, research, decisions, and follow-up actions (did you buy or not buy anything based on your work?).  To encourage you to follow-through on your plan, there is a place to sign a pledge to yourself that you will do your “best to complete this Action Plan and become a more responsible consumer.”

You can use this document individually or together with friends.  You can also ask your friends or family members to support your efforts however they can — offering encouragement, asking about your progress, and considering your suggestions regarding the products you research.

So feel free to download it and fill it in, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Responsible Consumer!

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