Our Approach

Our Approach

We have two models that we are using to accomplish our mission of encouraging responsible consumption.  The first, which was the focus of the first phase of the Club, is to host regular in-person meetings of Club members and friends.  Some of these meetings are designed as opportunities to work together on our research, while others are organized as times to share the results of our findings and decisions.  Members individually select and research products, but can work together if their interests overlap.  We also make time for members to socialize and get to know each other, and invite speakers to discuss issues relating to responsible consumption.  If you are interested in creating a chapter of the Club in your community, let us know and we can help.

The second model is the online community that we launched in 2014.  While we very much appreciate the value of meeting in person and plan to continue this model in the future, we recognize that not everyone is able to join in these face-to-face communities.  The Responsible Consumers Club website is designed to enable Club members to share their research and decisions with each other and the wider world, regardless of where they may be located.  We encourage (respectful) comments  on posts in order to contribute to an ongoing conversation about a particular product or issue area.

We are also focused on making decisions “under uncertainty.”  We encourage members to make decisions about products within a specified time-frame (generally a month) to combat “analysis paralysis” and a sense of information overload.  Gather as much information in that period as you can, make a decision based on that information, share your decision with the Club, and move onto another interesting product.  Your decision may not be perfect, but it is likely to be lot more informed than it was a month ago!  Having realistic and sustainable expectations of ourselves is an important part of our strategy.  So become a Responsible Consumer — one product, one month, one decision at a time!

For more about how the first phase of the Responsible Consumers Club was organized at Davidson College, see the short slideshow below:

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