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The Responsible Consumers Club is a group of individuals interested in making informed decisions about the products they use.  We often hear about consumer products that are damaging the environment, harming our health, and putting workers at risk.  While we care about these issues, it can be overwhelming to confront them by ourselves.  So instead, we are working to become more responsible consumers together, and we hope you will join us!

Here’s how it works — each member of the Club identifies a product category that they want to learn more about.  Maybe they heard about a new green product they want to check out, or about a company they often buy from that was accused of using sweatshop labor.  Then they research that product category, and present their analysis to the Club.  They briefly review the various issues involved and what they’ve decided is the most responsible choice, based on their own personal values and the information they found.

This site is designed to share the information, insights, and decisions of the members of the Responsible Consumers Club, in the hopes that it helps and inspires others to become more informed and responsible consumers.  We are all real people with limited time, money, and knowledge, but we believe that we should all do what we can and shouldn’t let the “perfect become the enemy of the good.”  We see responsible consumption as an ongoing journey and conversation rather than a final destination or proclamation.

We also recognize that we may make mistakes and change our minds over time as we learn more and engage with each other.  We therefore want to create an atmosphere of respectful openness, curiosity, and sharing, as we understand that responsible consumption is challenging and  complicated, and reasonable people may have different priorities and interpretations of the issues involved.

So you are welcome to browse through the product review and member pages to learn more about the research we have conducted and the decisions we have made.  Feel free to subscribe to member posts (just type your email into the Email Subscription box to the left) and comment on topics that are of interest to you.  If you are interested in sharing insights from your own research as a responsible consumer, consider becoming a member of the Club yourself (you can sign up here).

Thanks for visiting the Responsible Consumers Club!

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